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Hawaii Seafood Videos

Why buy Hawaii Seafood? [1:04]
Why buy Hawaii Seafood? (extended) [1:48]
Why buy local Seafood? [1:02]

What makes Hawaii seafood sustainable? [1:02]
What makes Hawaii tuna special? [1:03]
How does the fish auction system work? [0:52]

How do the fishermen and fish auction work together? [1:19]
What is done to preserve the quality and safety of auction fish? [1:19]
Hawaii fisheries are sustainable. [10:51]

Honolulu Fish Auction Videos

Seafood Month Profile: The Honolulu Fish Auction [1:45]
Fish In [8:21]
Catch of the Day [7:31]
Big fish, Big Money [8:07]
Bidding Competition [6:53]
The Market [7:08]